Why Choose Us

What we can Offer

We have Solid understanding of core data concepts.

Live Online Sessions

You can book our live Solidatus and Quantexa sessions to know more about our core projects and demonstration of services that we provide.


Our Solidatus session

  • Helps in understanding specific data related challenges and goals.
  • We tailor our Solidatus platform to meet unique requirements.
  • Comprehensive training a continuous support system.

Our Quantexa session

  • Helps in understanding usage of Quantexa and Entity Resolution.
  • Explanation and demo of live network generation graphs from financial data.
  • Explanation and demonstration of Quantexa Scoring.

One on One Sessions

Data Management

KYD can establish industry models so that the lineage and metadata are captured and communicated with best industry standards.

Data security

Using our software get rid of all the legal and compliance issues in your data.

Data Quality

Combining years of experience and core skillsets to generate lead data insights.