Are you tired of struggling with data chaos in your organization? The game changing solution that can transform the way your company handles data.

KYD can introduce you to  this cutting edge data management platform designed to streamline, visualize, and govern your data landscape, empowering businesses to harness the true potential of their information assets. Here is how you can benefit your company using this tool.


Here are some of our great Solidatus skills


Our team have been working with Solidatus since the beginning and have evolved tools to help adoption and “stickiness” of Solidatus.

Business Design

Automating by API / Integrating in CI/CD

Solidatus Reporting

Data Extraction
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KYD Policy Management

At KYD, we understand the critical importance of having a clear and comprehensive understanding of your data lineage. In today’s data-driven world, organizations across industries face increasing pressure to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and optimize operational efficiency. We are excited to announce that we’ve imported a selection of publicly available policies into Solidatus, ready for demonstration purposes. With our expertise and Solidatus’ powerful capabilities, we can help you experience how policy matching and linking can revolutionize your data lineage management.

Lineage Tracking of Industrial Models

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive library of industry-specific data models. Save valuable time and effort by leveraging pre-defined structures, all while ensuring compliance and meeting regulatory standards effortlessly. Using established industry models helps ensure that the lineage and metadata are captured and communicated with best industry standards. Industry models facilitate better communication and collaboration between the same industry type.At KYD we have built our use case and demonstration for medical sector industry model.

Our Powerful API’s

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficiency and clarity in documentation are paramount. Professionals across industries deal with vast amounts of data, models, and specifications daily. Yet, the process of creating, updating, and organizing documentation can be time-consuming and error-prone. That’s where our Product comes to the rescue.

Use Cases

Automation with our powerful API’s

We have built automated API’s to import data automatically into Solidatus.

KYD Glossary

Common formats for data imports include CSV, Excel and database connections. Options are enabled to import and upload glossary data.

Markdown loader

At KYD we are using python scripts to import data into Solidatus. With the meta data successfully imported you can visualize data, analyze and understand your data landscape.

Lineage in financial industry and customer bank data

Complex data integrations and migrations are now a breeze with Solidatus. KYD Analytics utilizes this tool to map data flows and relationships, ensuring smooth transition during system upgrades and migrations.