Solidatus case study

Say hello to better management and tracking of your data.

Why choose our product?

How Solidatus helps understand your data?

We will work closely with your organization to understand your specific data challenges and goals. With our expertise, we will tailor the Solidatus platform to fit your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation.

We will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage Solidatus to its maximum potential. We have utilized Solidatus in demonstrating policy lineage, NIST Cyber security, FHIR Assets and Cloud capability models.

Data Quality Management

We can assist in identifying data quality issues by tracing data lineage back to its sources, allowing organizations to detect data inconsistencies or inaccuracies and take corrective actions.

Vendor Management

We are flexible to work with industries where multiple vendors and partners are involved, by monitoring data flows and relationships with external entities. This transparency aids in vendor management and ensures compliance with service-level agreements.

Root cause analysis

In industrial settings, identifying the root cause of issues or failures is crucial. We can assist by providing a comprehensive view of data interactions and dependencies, making it easier to pinpoint the origin of problems and resolve them faster.

KYD’s data experts will provide strategic guidance and insights, helping you identify opportunities for improvement ,optimize data processes, and unlock new value from your data assets. Their industry knowledge and experience will be valuable in your data-driven journey.​


Industry Specific

Save valuable time and effort by leveraging pre-defined structures, all while ensuring compliance and meeting regulatory standards effortlessly.

Using established industry models helps ensure that the lineage and metadata are captured and communicated with best industry standards. By leveraging industry models you can save time and effort building data models. We provide assistance to Industry specific models for better communication and collaboration between the same industry type.


Empowering Data Governance

We are thrilled to announce our dynamic duo for data governance and version control.


Key AI-Powered Enhancements

Missing data lineage? No problem. AI algorithms predict connections based on historical patterns, completing the puzzle effortlessly.

Process Optimization

KYD enables the visualization of complex data landscapes, helping to identify inefficiencies or bottlenecks in data processes within industrial operations.

Industry specific data understanding

By understanding how data is moving and being utilized, companies can streamline their workflows and improve overall efficiency.

Streamlined Workflows

KYD Analytics streamlines workflows, enhancing efficiency and driving improved performance.

Seamless Data Integrations

We can seamlessly map data flows and relationships, ensuring a smooth transition during system upgrades and migrations.