Quantexa Services

What is Quantexa?

Quantexa is a game-changing platform that empowers us to overcome the challenges of data inconsistencies, duplicates and variations.

Our expert consultants at KYD use Quantexa for fraud detection by identifying potentially fraudulent activities through patterns and anomalies that might be obscured.

The Powerful Entity Resolution

At KYD Analytics, our commitment to excellence drives us to explore technologies that amplify our capabilities. By leveraging Quantexa’s platform for the future of data analysis and entity resolution is brighter than ever!

Use cases of entity resolution

Duplicate detection

Our entity resolution algorithms can identify duplicate records with a single data set, ensuring data quality and preventing errors that might arise from redundant or conflicting information

Network Analysis

Entity resolution helps in constructing accurate network or graphs of relationships between entities.

Risk Assesment in Financial Bank data

KYD’s entity resolution capabilities can aid in meeting regulatory requirements by ensuring that entities are identified and tracked across different data sources helping organizations fulfill know-your-customer KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) obligations.

Usage of Scoring algorithms

What is scoring?

We use Quantexa to identify the patterns expected to relate to interesting cases and aggregate the risk through a proven approach of building an expert-driven scorecard. This provides investigators with the cases they expect.

AML detection

Our platform assigns risk scores to different entities to assess their potential for engaging in fraudulent or activities. This is particularly useful for financial institutions in detecting money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes.

Use cases

Through the meticulous configuration and tailoring of the scoring algorithms, each investigation provides a panoramic depiction of customer risk profiles across various dimensions.