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It’s Time to Start Looking into your data

This blog provides insights into conquering prevalent data obstacles, highlights the shortcomings of numerous existing data matching techniques, and advises on key features to consider when making an investment in data software.

Duplicate detection

Our entity resolution algorithms can identify duplicate records within a single data set, ensuring data quality and preventing errors that might arise from redundant or conflicting information.

Network analysis

Our entity resolution helps in constructing accurate networks or graphs of relationships between entities. This is particularly useful in scenarios like fraud detection, where understanding the connections between unrelated entities can reveal patterns indicative of fraudulent activities.


Quantexa identifies the patterns expected to relate to interesting cases and aggregate the risk through a proven approach of building an expert-driven scorecard. This provides investigators with the cases they expect. Network features provide coverage even of less known risks.

Regulatory compliance

Our entity resolution technology assists banks in meeting regulatory requirements by ensuring accurate identification and tracking of entities across various data sources. This is particularly important for complying with KYC and AML regulations, where a precise understanding of customer identities and relationships is essential.

Why is Scoring needed?

Scoring could be used to segment customers into different categories based on their behavior, preferences, and potential value. Our trained group of developers use this segmentation help businesses tailor their marketing strategies and services to specific customer groups.

Why KYD’s Product?

Our scoring techniques holds a pivotal role in the comprehensive assessment of customer activities. This dynamic tool proves invaluable in its discerning capabilities, particularly in the realm of detecting potential money laundering activities and promptly notifying our clients of any irregularities involving diverse entities. Through the meticulous configuration and tailoring of the scoring algorithms, each investigation provides a panoramic depiction of customer risk profiles across various dimensions.