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KYD Analytics: Use case

We have done the ETL process for companies house data into Quantexa.

Conventional data-matching methods encounter challenges in scalability and exhibit subpar accuracy rates. Entity Resolution empowers organizations to enhance their data-matching needs by integrating both internal and external data sources such as Companies House datasets. This approach effectively addresses data-quality issues, culminating in the creation of a genuine unified perspective.

The mandate given to Companies House involves the verification of individuals during the registration process, aiming to prevent the inclusion of bad organizations in the system.

Ensuring data quality is crucial for detecting and preventing insurance fraud. By validating both internal and external data sources and employing advanced tools such as AI, scoring models, and analytics, insurers can significantly mitigate their risk. This approach not only provides a deeper understanding of customer insights but also enables a faster identification of potential fraudulent activities. Implementing these strategies enhances risk and fraud controls throughout the entire insurance value chain.

At KYD we are utilizing the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform allows for the extension of high-quality data utilization to combat various forms of fraud beyond claims fraud, including internal fraud, supplier fraud, and application fraud.