Struggling with Data, struggling getting your team to flow

Know Your Data

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Who are KYD Analytics

KYD Analytics was created when the founder recognised the continued gap between Data and Technology.

The company is founded on removing this traditional friction and misunderstanding to unlock the inherent value found in the data

The founder is a 30+ year practitioner of the “dark arts” of data and was continually saddened by the lack progress with the coordination between data practitioners, technologists and the end business.

Machine Learning

KYD Analytics use the latest Machine Learning and modern CI/CD techniques to gain insights and lower friction in understanding your data.

The Big ideas

In technology today we have all the raw tools to help us achieve greatness. What is needed is the imagination to combine the raw capabilities into the desired business outcomes. KYD Analytics does this for you.


KYD Analytics combine years of experience, technology skills and core understanding of data to generate unique data lead insights.


Our Services For Clients

Solidatus Services

KYD Analytics specialise in integrating Solidatus into technology partners, for example Quantexa / Snowflake / GCP.

Quantexa Services

We have been involved in Quantexa for a number of years and have combined traditional development patterns and applied this to the Quantexa environment.

Agile Teams

KYD Analytics can supply Agile Squads as a service to be deployed to meet your needs.

Cloud Integration

Effectively integrating into Cloud environments is not a lift and shift exercise. Its a cultural change and KYD Analytics can help you on that journey.

Data Controls

Be it on the cloud or on-prem effective data controls are a key tool in your strategy. The KYD Analytics team creates a technical framework to enable this.


The culture required to enact change is achieved by training and direction setting. The KYD Analytics team can train and transfer knowledge into your team.